Wayne Gretzky 1990 – 91

Of all the sticks I have, these two mean more to me that the rest. I was lucky enough to have met Wayne Gretzky soon after I signed a minor league contract with the California Angels in 1990. Wayne gave me the new stick after a practise in Culver City and I spent the next couple months going to games and practises as I was staying in the Los Angeles area till training camp started. After talking to Wayne about Baseball and the team his dad owned in Canada, the Brantford Red Sox, I asked for a stick he used in a game. Later that night after the game in the locker room, Wayne asked Peter Millar to take me over to a special stick closet. When that door opened, there was one stick on the rack, dripping wet from the ice from that nights game. Peter took it out and handed it to me. Several stars were in the locker room that night but I was the only one who got a gamer. These two sticks are such great items to have, along with the memories of how nice Wayne and Peter Millar were with me, along with all the other players and staff. The picture of Wayne and I was taken at the Culver City rink where the Kings practised during that time.